"here is a hello ^_^"
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never be scared to talk to me or just say hi. you guys are important and i want to be friends with all of you

"Have you ever thought about what part of games you want to professionally pursue? Programming or art or design?"
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I wanted to do concept art, but now I think I’m just going to pursue a career with animals and working with reptiles and other exotic animals. 

"TBH, I love how you love Chief and Cortana so much and I love your face and your blog and your edits and I just love you all round. You're absolutely gorgeous - personality and looks - and I'm so glad that we met and that we share the same beliefs about Halo and things. You're amazing, please don't stop and thank you for being you. <3"
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i love you sooo much!!

Just gave Mordin a bath. #leopardgecko

Just gave Mordin a bath. #leopardgecko


playing online multiplayer with someone and kicking ass then getting a message saying ‘thanks man’


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Have you installed it onto your hard drive? That can fix freezing sometimes if it’s a disc-based issue. :D

i just did it!

I made tags for my animals. If any of you are interested. 

krogan. cadu. mordin