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hyper lethal
Spectre Status Recognized.
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sofiahendrick whispered:

I've been meaning to send you this since last night but I'm dumb. I'm really fucking proud of you, of how brave you are, how you always aim for something better. And that's it, basically. I'm proud of you, Rachael, and I love you so much. <3

Thank you so much, this means a shitload to me because you mean a shitload to me and I love you sooo much. You’re such a fucking bad ass person and one of my best friends. ILYSM!

it-is-black-jesus whispered:

not really an ask but id like to say your blog is quite nice and keep up the good work dude

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me. ^^

Anonymous whispered:

you should fix ur tag links

There’s nothing to fix?